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NEW. Workshops for our Intergenerational & Ageless Future.

The Age of No Retirement is the world’s leading authority on intergenerational and ageless thinking. Our mission is a world where our age should not define us as workers, as customers and as citizens.

The successful organisations of tomorrow will be the ones who embrace intergenerational thinking today. Yet the majority of organisations across the UK and around the world have not yet woken up to the social and economic benefits of an intergenerational and ageless approach.

The 100-year life and the 60-year career are here to stay. The conversation is no longer about old vs. young, which is an outdated (and economically foolish) way to do business. The emerging future is intergenerational and ageless. It is a world of generational cohesion not generational separation.

These are the first three workshops in the series (more will follow soon) which focus on the three key business areas of human resources,  product & service development and marketing & communications.

Baroness Sally Greengross, CEO, International Longevity Centre.

"The real value of The Age of No Retirement, and what sets them apart, is their focus on driving age-positive societal change through action."

Wendy Papworth, Global Head of Diversity, Barclays.

"The Age of No Retirement helps us to see ageing differently, to be innovative and pioneering."

Elizabeth Cherian, Director, The innovation Group, J. Walter Thompson.

The Age of No Retirement plants the seeds of innovation within the world of multigenerational business."

Head of Diversity, GSK

"The Age of No Retirement enables us to look at the ageing demographic changes holistically - taking into account the social, medical, cultural and working aspects in order to generate practical solutions that benefit society as a whole."

Sir Muir Grey, Chief Knowledge Officer, NHS.

"The Age of No Retirement's mission is about culture change - by creating a new language, and amplifying new initiatives."

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