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The Common Room is a brand new concept in intergenerational thinking. It is somewhere where younger and older come together in a dynamic space full of inspiration, energy and purpose. It is where human connection, collaboration and the power of “together” thrive. The Common Room enables people to (re)discover their purpose and reach new goals in life, whatever their age.

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The Common Room is where people of all ages, and at all life stages, come together to explore new futures and reach for new goals. 

The Common Room helps build confidence, aspiration and hope in the future. It also creates opportunities  – jobs, careers, startups, self-employment, friendships, new connections, hobbies and volunteering.

If you’re searching for purpose then The Common Room is for you. Pop in today to find out about becoming a member. It’s free to join. We’re open 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

Or you can get in touch with us here:

Jonathan: 07887 624 385/

George: 07802 536 793/

The Common Room, Priory Green, N1 9DG – we’re the circular building with the 8-storey high chimney sticking out of it!

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    The Common Room Members Programme

We deliver a 4 week introductory programme. This is in 4 parts. Ideally they should be taken in sequence but they can be done in any order. The 4 part programme has to be carefully designed to take members on the first step in their journey of self-discovery and finding their purpose.

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Introduction programme. Session 1 — 4.

Part 1. “What Matters?” 

Exploring the essential building blocks of a good, meaningful and
fulfilling life. Sharing stories and learning from the experiences of others. 

Friday 1st March 09.30 — 12.30. You can book here.

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Part 2. “What’s Getting In The Way?” 

 Identifying and removing the obstacles that frequently
prevent us from progressing. Restoring self-confidence and developing work-arounds. 

Friday 8th March. 09.30 – 12.30. You can book here.

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Part 3.  “My Story."

Exploring and championing our skills, experience and strengths. Developing our own narrative with confidence and pride. 

Friday 15th March 09.30 — 12.30. You can book here.

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Part 4. “My Plan."

 Based on the discoveries and experiences of the previous three parts of the introductory Common Room programme this session is all about creating a plan to achieve personal goals in life. Once the plan is created, The Common Room will help you make it a reality.

Friday 22nd March 13.00 — 16.00. You can book here.

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