Older people gaming? Impossible? Wrong! 80-year-old Shirley Curry defies stereotypes by becoming one of the oldest avid Skyrim players in the world. She believes video games keep her mind active and says other people her age could benefit greatly from slaying virtual dragons. Shirley is also adamant that she isn't unique and that her story isn't the exceptional one. Yet another wonderful story to smash stereotypes.

At this moment in time it would seem that Shirley is the only older gamer on YouTube public about her identity. Shirley however insist she isn't a one off and that there are  many more older gamers playing. "Older YouTubers should use their own pictures and put their age in their profile," she argues. "Then everybody would know there are lots of older people and it wouldn't be such a big deal." In her opinion, a refusal to hide and pretend older gamers don't exist is essential to fixing the online culture. 

As we are always looking for an intergenerational angle in our stories, we love Shirley's idea to get younger players to by inviting older family members to game with them, even if it requires a little patience.

Credit — YouTube // 60 Second Docs.