Watch the short documentary about the strong and inspiring Manon Bradley, world record holder and multiple world champion, told by filmmaker Nicola Leddy. We got in touch with Nicola after seeing the film to ask her a few questions about how and if Manon has changed her view on age. We are always interested to see how and where the magic of intergenerational relationships change and inspire people.

Can you tell our readers a bit about who you are?

I’m a Documentary Filmmaker from Ireland.

Can you tell us a bit about your role in this project/your motivation for making it.

I have always been interested in ordinary people doing extraordinary things, beating the odds and flourishing in their passion. I found Manon and instantly knew she had a fantastic story to tell. I produced the documetary on my own so my role is a bit of everything!

Has this project changed how you view age?

Not really, no matter what age someone is, everyone has a story. Video production is a very powerful communication tool and I’ve always felt it needs to be used to it’s full potential, to create awareness and open closed minds.

Do you think how old you are today, is relevant to how you think about yourself and why?

This is a tough question! I don’t think so. I’ve always followed my passion at every age and never really let that be a weakness or strength.

Do you think how old you are today, changes how people think about you and why?

"No matter what age someone is, everyone has a story."

Nicola Leddy, Film maker.

I’m 27 so I do feel there are certain expectations that a 27 female encounters, yes. To be honest I’m pretty happy to ignore them!

What is the biggest stress in your life at the moment? Does this have anything to with how old you are?

I’ve just gotten a new full time job in Alzheimer’s Society so I’m pretty happy at the moment. With that, I’m sure there will be massive stresses to come along with the role. As Alzheimer’s effects older people, I’m sure I’ll become all too aware of age-related illnesses.

What can you learn from people who are older?

To not waste time and just go for it!

What can you learn from people who are younger?

To not create excuses and problems to achieve goals.

What do you think is the benefit of a society where our age does not define us?

Everyone has a role in society, everyone has a duty to be happy. Community and strong relationships are key to this.

"Everyone has a role in society, everyone has a duty to be happy. Community and strong relationships are key to this."

Nicola Leddy, Film maker.

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