In January 2017, The Age of No Retirement where very excited to be invited to launch U + I's inspirational series of talks for 2017. U + I is a specialist regeneration and property developer. And they are a very impressive organisation too, committed to creating long-lasting social and economic change for the communities in which they build as well as creating value for their shareholders. They show us how it can be done!

The U + I Think events are designed to encourage new ways of thinking, looking beyond the confines of the property industry. The Age of No Retirement's values are very similar to U + I's — creativity, innovation, community, business and combining wisdom from a diversity of places. What we admire about them is their desire to question the status quo by inviting individuals to take to their stage, people who aren’t necessarily directly linked to property, but whose ideas spark debate and raise issues that affect their industry.

As Brenda Bates, U + I’s Director of Communications and Business Services told us, 'U + I strives to create inclusive places where people and communities can thrive, so there is much we can learn from and apply to our projects using the principles The Age of No Retirement believe form the blueprint for an age-neutral future.'

As part of our talk, we ran an interactive and really fun session with the audience getting them to think there and then about ideas which are principles had inspired them. The ideas were were wide raging and inspiring, here are just a few:

— Ban retirement homes, mix the ages and make them Homes of No Retirement.
— Ditch the old age ghetto. Let old and young live together and help each other.
— More human connection through food and sharing, 'one of the great things about being alive is that every day we need to stop three times and turn our attention to food.'
— Encourage slower movement, and create more incidental interaction.
— Create developments which incorporate office/ commercial space as well as community facilities and homes to encourage diverse groups to mix. Instead of people travelling to the city/ they can stay near to home to work.
— Regardless of age, we are all humans. Engaging with each other requires places that allow interaction. To create more social spaces that allow people to dream and think.

We are looking forward to innovating and collaborating with U + I in the near future.

U and I
U and I
U and I

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