'Totally Free' is a short documentary that explores the weirdly wonderful roller skaters in Golden Gate park. The film portrays the coming together in all ages through roller skating.

Words, film and photography by Daniel Soares. 

Totally Free is a documentary that started out of curiosity. All my projects do. I like to center my films around people and passions.

What keeps them moving?

What keeps them alive?

I saw these skaters by accident one day, and was really intrigued. They really don't give a shit about what people think of them. All they care about is their love for skating. I thought that was a great life lesson. And I think this is something that speaks to old and young.

Half of our lives we keep thinking what other people might think of us. And then you have a couple of people that reached that enlightment, of just going for what they really feel in their hearts. And once you do that, you become, so much more free. The more you become yourself, the happier you become.

So this short film is about rollerskating, but at the same time it's not about rollerskating at all. It's about life. 30 years ago rollerskating was everywhere, but these days it's nearly impossible to find people on roller skates. Experience total freedom on eight wheels in San Francisco, a city where anything goes. Find out what moves these people, how they got into skating and why it keeps them alive. ‘Totally Free’ is the first documentary from Daniel Soares.

By Daniel Soares
By Daniel Soares
By Daniel Soares

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