We love this story by Accent Magazine and photographer Hannah Burton. Hannah met Marjan, a dutch woman living in Hackney in the park and the two became great friends. We hope you will enjoy this lovely story and photo series as much as we do.

Photography by Hannah Burton

"Marjan is unapologetic of her years, and asserts her presence in society with striking vigour, a role model for the older generations."

Hannah Burton

Image by Hannah Burton

Marjan, a Dutchwoman who has made her home in Hackney for over thirty years, lives in a triangular-shaped house on the outskirts of Victoria Park. A corner of the home once functioned as a little convenience shop that Marjan used to run with her husband. When the council erected railings outside the front they were forced to close it and her husband then converted the old shop into a living room, tailoring the furniture to fit the wonderfully-awkward triangular corner.

Image by Hannah Burton

When the shop closed, a former customer offered Marjan a job working for his solicitors firm as a process server. She has worked in this role ever since. Her husband sadly passed away in 2016.

Image by Hannah Burton

Photographer Hannah Burton met Marjan in the park while Marjan was out walking her two Miniature Schnauzers, Blacky and Lucky. Both she and the dogs were impeccably turned out, and Hannah struck up a conversation, impressed by her character and style. When Hannah began visiting her at home, it soon became clear just how much her meticulous taste extended into every aspect of her life. Marjan has four separate wardrobes into which her clothes are neatly categorised. One of these is dedicated to her ball gowns, a varied collection that she acquired for the annual cruises she took with her husband.

Image by Hannah Burton

As Hannah, says of Marjan, "she is unafraid of standing out from the crowd, and I felt it was important to celebrate her irresistible strength of character. There’s a tendency for many to disappear into the shadows with age, but Marjan is unapologetic of her years, and asserts her presence in society with striking vigour, a role model for the older generations".

Image by Hannah Burton

You can see more of Hannah's work here.
This was originally featured over at the amazing and always inspiring Accent Magazine and we are very grateful to them for being able to share it with you. You can find out more about Accent Magazine here.

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