'Seeing Margaret Jones', is a documentary that celebrates Margaret’s life and demonstrates to Margaret that she is still highly visible and vocal and that her impact has been and still is profound. This is the trailer for this lovely short documentary by Rose Tracey and Spencer Austad.

Margaret Jones is 85 year and lives alone in Birchgrove, Australia. She has spent most of her adult life non-conforming. She is a lesbian feminist who has been involved for more than 50 years in social change/ progressive politics and in most modern social movements in Australia: women’s liberation, gay liberation, anti-war moratoriums and other social justice causes. But at the age of 85, Margaret believes that society has made her invisible both because of her age and sexuality and because she is independent (alone and childless). However, for her friends in Sydney’s progressive political groups she is not only visible, vocal and active, but a driving and determined force for progressive change. She always has been and it looks like she always will.

The documentary by Rose Tracey and Spencer Austad celebrates Margaret’s life and demonstrates to Margaret that she is highly visible and vocal to all in her life and that her impact has been and is profound. The film is also an opportunity for Margaret to reflect on her life experiences and the invaluable lessons she has learnt dealing with sexism, racism, lesbiaphobia and now in later life, ageism and a profound sense of isolation and invisibleness. Most importantly, the film provides a wonderful testament to Margaret’s life.

And the smiles on the faces of Margaret's younger friends as they talk about how much she inspires them, will bring a real smile to your face. 

You can download the whole documentary here 

Seeing Margaret Jones

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