The idea of a spring that brings back youth to ageing people, is a tale from ancient times. This poignant film directed by Rowena Godfrey and written by Liz Cashdan is inspired by the painting, 'The Fountain of Youth' by Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472 – 1553).

Here the fantasy of Cranach’s 16th century painting is fast-forwarded to a scene in a swimming pool today. Male teenagers ignore Daisy (86), an older female swimmer but admire the body and the diving prowess of Sally, a younger woman. This pool cannot rejuvenate the older woman but she has the pleasurable experience of being recognised by Sally whom she had once taught. Sally is now a published writer. Both women recognise the expertise of the other and Daisy feels that she has succeeded in passing on her skills as a writer to the next generation. She feels she has had a positive effect on the young and keeps going! 

We really love the positive two way exchange between Daisy and Sally. 

Directed by Rowena Godfrey and written by Liz Cashdan.