'The Age of Portfolio Living'. Barrie Hobson, psychologist and expert in ageing talks about how all ages need to learn life skills throughout all our lives. In this talk for The Age of No Retirement's, Age Doesn't Matter festival, London, 2016, he talks about the freedom of having a portfolio approach to work.

Barrie started out as a psychologist at Leeds University teaching life skills to teenagers in the 1970’s. Career development for employees followed and he has now come full circle and created a free online program for Aviva called livehappier.aviva.co.uk. This program is currently makings its way into the inboxes of Aviva’s 5M customers across the UK. His idea is to empower people so that they can be happy when they retire. Barry’s research illuminates the importance of finding meaning and purpose and of nurturing relationships as the foundation of happiness, for all of our longer lives. He also rates ballroom dancing highly as a later life exercise, socialising outlet and depression busting activity.

He has also evaluated work style preferences and observed that millennials and the over 60’s are looking for the same flexibility in their work lives. We all want portfolio careers that allow us to be agile learners across the life course.

His talk for The Age of No Retirement represents a wonderful intergenerational message and underscores that there is far more that connects us than divides us. He advocates for intergenerational networking and encouraging us to constantly work on developing the necessary life skills that will enable us to handle the varied transitions that come with ageing. Listen to find out more about why Barrie is calling this time the age of portfolio living.

The Age of No Retirement

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