Norman Lewis, Head of Crowdsourcing at PwC passionately argues the case for encouraging all our heads to work together to solve the big problems of the world and why this is so much better than relying on the wisdom of just the few. Here he talks at The Age of No Retirement's Age Doesn't Matter festival, London 2016 about the wisdom of the crowd.

In his talk, Norman shares his passion for community-led innovation. How the collective thought-power of the crowd has, since man first descended from the trees, managed to overcome the toughest of challenges. These have resulted in the creation and delivery of the seismic, innovation breakthroughs that have shifted all of humanity.

Norman talks about how each generation builds on the discoveries of previous generations. And with modern technology now enabling millions of people to collaborate and innovate, from anywhere and at any time, the answers really do lie in the wisdom of the crowd.

This new capability is age-agnostic/ age-inclusive, and offers us the greatest opportunity to design the future we all want to live in and is why, with Norman's help, we have launched our very own crowdsourced innovation platform, The Age of Action.


The Age of No Retirement

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