'My story of being an older techpreneur'. Louise Chunn is a prize-winning journalist and former editor of a number of magazines, including Psychologies, Good Housekeeping and InStyle. She is the founder of Welldoing Ltd. Here she shares her inspiring personal story at The Age of No Retirement, Age Doesn't Matter festival, London, 2016.

Louise tells her inspirational tale of being made redundant. She exited the cosseted world of expense accounts and other perks of decades long employment in exchange for the steep learning curve of a tech startup, without tech skills to experience the added joys of public transport. Economic necessity fueled her journey into the brave new world of Old Street, the Silicon roundabout and included a life changing stint at a Google sponsored incubator called Blackbox. It was held in the heart of Silicon Valley and specifically for entrepreneurs over 50. Notably, out of the 15 entrepreneurs selected, she was the oldest of one of three mothers, while all the male attendees were not fathers.

From a standing start three years ago, she has built an increasingly successful brand with welldoing.org to match people with the right counseling or therapist solution. Her message is of intergenerational connectivity and how being surrounded by young people “puffed up her self belief”. Her story decimates the digital native argument and will bolster the resolve of any aspiring entrepreneur of any age.

The Age of No Retirement

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