All of us at The Age of No Retirement in general love the series 'My Place' By NOWNESS, but our favourites are the ones showing the homes which have been the base for people for a big chunk of their life. It's amazing to see the personality and memories that a home holds and the stories it tells about the people who live there. In this episode of 'My Place' we see the home, for over 40 years, of interior designer Melissa Northover and her architect husband Tchaik Chassay. It is a truly wonderful and engaging watch, as Tchaik originally designed their flat for painter David Hockney. The film makes you think about the importance that our homes can have in defining who we are and keep us connected with our past. And it is this connection with our present, past and future that we believe is the real challenge for architects, builders, designers and housing trusts all over the UK. We want house builders to understand the importance of designing homes which we can live in across our full life course if we want to, from young to old, and accommodate the many transitions, changes and challenges that will accompany us on our life travels.

Watching the web series 'My Place' by NOWNESS is always a treat. You can view more here


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