Photographer Alan Powdrill’s documented people of all ages covered in tattoos. The photo series comes with a brief comment from the sitter about their history with tattoos. Some started their tattoo journey at 40 or 50, while some are life-long enthusiasts who’ve been getting tattoos since before they were of legal age. It is not their age that defines them but their passion for their body art. A great examples of attitudes, passion and values being more important in understanding who we are, so much more than our age.

You can view more of this series and Alan's work here

Graham, 58, “I was 51 when I started and my father was already dead and my mum didn’t say anything as she was in the early stages of dementia”. Image by Alan Powdrill
Lillianna, 23, “I don’t feel my opinion will change on my tattoos, I doubt I’ll have any regrets regardless of my age”. Image by Alan Powdrill
Dave, 66, “I started in 1963 when I was 14 and I don’t think I’ll ever stop”. Image by Alan Powdrill
Ness, 40 “I’m loving how they change as my body gets older and the creases and wrinkles change how they look. When I’ve got no space below my neck I’ll stop”. Image by Alan Powdrill