Full time carer Victoria Lee is asked what she would ask for if she was given a technological fairy wand and was granted a wish for her and her mum, Val who she looks after 24/7. Here is the film of Victoria allowing her imagination to bring independence and freedom through talking chairs, kind robots and having time for fun.

"If you could have anything that you wanted, that would help you and your mum out, what would it be? And can technology help?" This is the question that was posed to Victoria Lee who gave up her job to look after her mum Val 24/7. This is the film of Victoria imagining what if nothing was impossible.........

The film of Victoria's carers fantasy idea includes some really very nice and equally valid insights for all you tech companies out there to consider. We are hoping that the challenge we are running alongside AXA PPP on Health Tech ideas will inspire some innovative and creative thinking from the tech world.

We will be sharing the ideas that come out of our Care Challenge which have been amassed on our crowdsourcing platform, The Age of Action. Click for the results!

"I would love a talking robot which was programmed to mum's voices. It isn't as a good as a human but there is communication for mum when I'm not there. That would be amazing!"

Interview with Tot - Caretaker challenge 2016

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