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A Retirement Home for Young and Old

16.09.17 - Home & Housing

At Judson Manor, a retirement community in Cleveland, Ohio, Tiffany Tieu, 26, and Laura (more)

Technology — the uninvited guest

29.03.19 - Technology

Uninvited Guests is a short film that explores the frictions between an elderly man (more)

A H.O.M.E works when you have all ages

28.03.19 - Home & Housing

Housing Opportunities and Maintenance for the Elderly (H.O.M.E.) is a non-profit organisation based in (more)

Starbucks opens cafe run entirely by older employees.

14.03.19 - Work & Employment

Starbucks has opened a cafe in Mexico City that will hire exclusively older staff (more)

When your dad decides to do the same apprenticeship as you

04.03.19 - Work & Employment

John and his son Dominic are on the same apprenticeship scheme. They share their (more)

Starting a new career... in your 80s

82-year-old Hilary Forde-Chalkly says she got "bored to tears" when she stopped working in (more)

Doris 86 and Ricky 50, an unconventional friendship

28.02.19 - Family & Friendship

Ricky Syers is a 50-year-old street performer who found his calling as a puppeteer (more)

Move it or lose it!

24.01.19 - Health & Wellbeing

Move it or Lose it! was founded in 2010 by award-winning exercise instructor, Julie (more)

Barclays — 5 generations of customers mirrored by 5 generations of employees

03.11.18 - Work & Employment

Barclays Bank established its Bolder Apprenticeship programme in 2015. The programme was designed to (more)

Say goodbye to age bias in work as Aviva leads the charge

03.11.18 - Work & Employment

Companies with an age diverse workforce are able to create better products, deliver a (more)

An intergenerational yarn

03.11.18 - Work & Employment

With an average age of 88, the team of employees behind Sarah Oliver’s handbag (more)

All age at McDonalds. We're loving it

02.11.18 - Work & Employment

In 2008, McDonald’s commissioned a Lancaster University to look at the value of older (more)

How BMW created a business for older workers which benefited their entire workforce

01.11.18 - Work & Employment

BMW’s ‘Today for Tomorrow’ programme was the business’s response to the rising age of (more)

Friends give us a longer life.

25.10.18 - Research & Academia

Loneliness affects all ages and it is killing us — literally. By building stronger (more)

Our health and happiness takes a village of all ages.

18.10.18 - Community

Research shows clearly that we have a 50% increased likelihood of living longer if (more)

Secret to Longer Life is Low-Tech and here is the evidence

18.10.18 - Technology

Learning from the places in the world where people live the longest Dan Buettner, (more)

Learn with Grandma — teaching and learning across the generations

Valerie Wood-Gaiger is a 76-year-old great grandma living in the Welsh hills and has (more)

The Common Room — designing a future for all ages

02.10.18 - Community

What is needed to bring all ages together? In early 2017, The Age of (more)

The entrepreneurs over 70 taking the business world by storm

28.09.18 - Work & Employment

Why would we think that when we are in our 70s and 80s, all entrepreneurial (more)

Gwendolyn, the 65-year-old weightlifting champion (with cancer)

28.09.18 - Health & Wellbeing

Stoic, graceful, and full of razor sharp wit – words to describe both Gwendolyn, (more)

Still making a splash at 93

28.09.18 - Health & Wellbeing

Even at 93 years old, Tom Hairabedian is diving head-first into competition. Quite literally (more)

Edwina Brocklesby — Irongran

21.09.18 - Health & Wellbeing

At the age of 50, Edwina Brocklesby decided to run her first half-marathon. At (more)

Love your neighbour

14.09.18 - Community

Love Your Neighbour is a friendship matching scheme bringing older and younger neighbours together (more)

Is living in a community good for our health? What Roseto tells us.

12.09.18 - Community

Is it community or our age which is more important to our wellbeing? It’s (more)

Cambridge — a town where PhD students and older residents live under one roof

12.09.18 - Home & Housing

The Linkages project in Cambridge is a groundbreaking initiative where PhD researchers are invited (more)

Rankin's S&X

07.09.18 - Film & Photography

"I really wanted to get an old couple snogging and really going for it (more)

The nursery opening its doors to all ages

06.09.18 - Care & Caring

Nightingale House, the first care home with an onsite nursery, has recently been given (more)

Together, we advance

We all need teachers and mentors in our lives. We are never too old (more)

Young mums getting support from their older neighbours

04.09.18 - Home & Housing

A wonderful housing project bringing together young mums and adolescent girls to live alongside (more)

What Better Way to Die: Having Fun

Sometimes our own internal ageism tells us we are too old to take risks (more)

Community is good for our health, for young & old

25.05.18 - Community

A newfangled intervention called community could be the most dramatic medical breakthroughs in recent (more)


16.05.18 - Arts & Culture

(B)old is a brand new festival celebrating age and creativity at the Southbank Centre (more)

Ageing — it's all in the mind

15.05.18 - Research & Academia

If we could turn back the clock psychologically, could we also turn it back (more)

Connections between grandmothers & their granddaughters

10.04.18 - Film & Photography

Popular media may create stereotypes about the lives of older women and younger women (more)

Evermore — on a crusade to change how we live

10.04.18 - Care & Caring

Sara Mckee is on a mission to revolutionise the lifestyle choices for older people, (more)

Could this multigen house be the answer all ages have been looking for?

04.04.18 - Home & Housing

With more young adults living at home and the care of older parents an (more)

The sky’s the limit for intergenerational action

04.04.18 - Viewpoint

Old vs. young is being challenged by grassroots organisations all round the country. It (more)

76, and not plannng to stop work. Ever.

04.04.18 - Work & Employment

“It was really shocking how many people who, when they retired, died within the (more)

Time to take age out of the equation

07.03.18 - Research & Academia

Shattering outdated stereotypes around women, the ‘Elastic Generation: The Female Edit’ report shows there (more)

Meet the housemates with a 68 year age gap

21.02.18 - Home & Housing

Florence is 95. She also has a 27-year-old housemate called Alexandra. When Florence's husband (more)

The fountain of youth reworked

08.02.18 - Film & Photography

The idea of a spring that brings back youth to ageing people, is a (more)

How losing my sight in my 40s made me a better designer for people of all ages

29.01.18 - Design

1 in 30 people in the UK have sight loss. And this affects people (more)

A transport system that works for all people

15.01.18 - Transport

Transport was seen as one of the 4 sectors causing the biggest tensions and (more)

"YES" Mercedes-Benz Demographic Initiative

09.01.18 - Work & Employment

“Demographic opportunity, instead of demographic apocalypse”, is how Mercedes-Benz describes the changing nature of (more)

The 88 year old tea boy

02.01.18 - Film & Photography

Tom Parish is an 88-year-old tea boy. No age discrimination in this job! He (more)

It takes 70 years of experience to design the fastest car in the world

18.12.17 - Work & Employment

Ron Ayers is the 85 Year old chief aerodynamicist working on the world’s most (more)

Change the word age to experience — a designer's perspective

13.12.17 - Design

We were lucky to track down US based design guru Frank Nuovo to talk (more)

Research shows 80% of us have deep age bias against older people

13.12.17 - Research & Academia

It's an uncomfortable thing to admit, but according to statistics from the Implicit Association (more)

Patrick Burgoyne on good design for all ages

23.11.17 - Design

Creative Review is probably the world's most influential voice on design and Patrick Burgoyne (more)

Meet YouTube's 79-Year-Old Grandma Gamer

23.11.17 - Technology

Older people gaming? Impossible? Wrong! 80-year-old Shirley Curry defies stereotypes by becoming one of (more)

You are never too old to go to school

Durge Kami, 69, was born into a poor family and lived too far away (more)

Design needs to be inspired by real users, not fantasy figures

01.11.17 - Design

Mike Bradley is a senior research associate in the Inclusive Design team at Cambridge (more)

Demographic segmentation is (mostly) a lazy fall back

01.11.17 - Design

Dickie Connell is Executive Creative Director of one of the UK's leading advertising agencies, (more)

Only design can change the world

18.10.17 - Design

As humans, we have a unique tool to achieve change - our ingenuity, our (more)

Hip Hop-eration

You’re never too old to go on the journey of a lifetime. A wonderfully (more)

Ageless Sex

09.10.17 - Fashion & Beauty

Watch this beautiful short fine art film about 70 year old sex worker 'Libby' (more)

Do I have to think about retirement?

05.10.17 - Work & Employment

Is retirement still something we look forward to? This research from our partners at (more)

100 year old Don Pellman sets age-group World Records in the long jump + high jump

03.10.17 - Health & Wellbeing

Don Pellman, now 102, is a record holder in 5 track and field events (more)

'101 ways to retire, or not!' The movie.

03.10.17 - Film & Photography

We interviewed the wonderful Sue Perlgut, the woman behind the documentary '101 Ways to Retire—or Not!' (more)

Fair House Care — a new model of housing for all ages?

03.10.17 - Home & Housing

Is this is a new model for intergenerational living? Fair House Care connects older (more)

The beautiful Eileen Kramer, still dancing at 102

25.09.17 - Health & Wellbeing

We have gathered a collection of videos+short documentaries featuring the absolutely amazing 102 year (more)

Underage, over-the-hill and round the bend. An interview with psychologist Iain Smith

25.09.17 - Research & Academia

Iain Smith is a business psychologist working for Mind Gym. He's also an Age (more)

Lifespan, a film by Jessica Bishopp.

25.09.17 - Film & Photography

We interviewed the amazing, British artist Jess Bishopp after her new film Lifespan came (more)

A Retirement Home for Young and Old

16.09.17 - Home & Housing

At Judson Manor, a retirement community in Cleveland, Ohio, Tiffany Tieu, 26, and Laura (more)

51 year old World Champion Powerlifter and World Record holder Manon Bradley

04.09.17 - Health & Wellbeing

Watch the short documentary about the strong and inspiring Manon Bradley, world record holder (more)

Meet the 63 year old Fashion Icon Lyn Slater

25.08.17 - Fashion & Beauty

We are constantly inspired by the insanely stylish New Yorker, University Professor and Blogger (more)

An intergenerational photography project

25.08.17 - Community

This project by Photofusion was designed to address the gap between young and old (more)

The Age of No Retirement becomes Legal & General’s Critical Friend

24.08.17 - Business

As part of our ground-breaking research of 2016, we asked people of all ages (more)

Hayley Barrett, Camira Fabrics, on Ageless Design

24.08.17 - Design

Camira Fabrics are the design and manufacturing business behind some of the most familiar (more)

Ageism for being old — when you are still young

22.08.17 - My Story

We asked the brilliant Dr. Ruth V. Walker, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology Gerontology Program, Missouri to (more)

Retirement Works

22.08.17 - Technology

We love the startup project Retirement Works by friends David Stocks and Stuart Wood, a (more)

Being a 28 year old psychologist comes with a tiny bit of ageism

15.08.17 - My Story

Agesim can affect us at any age. It is not just about older or (more)

Rachel & Terry

We are exited to share our interview with textile designer Rachel Goldie and her (more)

How play makes rehab easier for all ages

15.08.17 - Health & Wellbeing

We interviewed the CEO of MIRA Rehab, winner of the AXA PPP Healthtech & (more)

An intergenerational school interview

Annie, a high school student, interviews Marcia Wilson as part of her school project (more)

Sex and intimacy for all ages.

02.08.17 - Film & Photography

We think that the work of Artist Magda Rakita, about intimacy and sex in (more)

Julia Warr's beautiful film about her friend Maia

02.08.17 - Health & Wellbeing

Our Q&A with Film Director Julia Warr who became an artist in her 40's (more)

Not the retiring type

21.07.17 - Work & Employment

These are just some of the images by the photographer David Yeo that were (more)

At my age I should be sitting at home doing my knitting

Car company Renault launches a new short documentary featuring 79 year-old rally driver, Rosemary (more)

A lifetime home for Tchaik Chassay and Melissa North's

20.07.17 - Home & Housing

All of us at The Age of No Retirement in general love the series (more)

Connecting neighbours of all ages in our changing cities

10.07.17 - Community

The Age of No Retirement have been lucky to get a deep, and sneak (more)

Happy at 60

10.07.17 - Research & Academia

This series of portraits, is a collaboration between two photographers, working together across the (more)

Dressing for your age is actually bullshit

06.07.17 - Fashion & Beauty

The always wonderful online platform Refinery29, recently ran an intergenerational photoseries called, 'Dressing for (more)

90-Year-Old Figure Skater will inspire you with her amazing talent

Yvonne Dowlen discovered a lifelong love of figure skating the moment she stepped on (more)

Directed by Tweedie

04.07.17 - Family & Friendship

What's it like making a film when you’re 87? Duncan Cowles wanted to see (more)

Doomed Gallery

04.07.17 - Arts & Culture

Despite their 31 year age difference, Ken and Matt from Doomed Gallery have no (more)

"The old Dyke"

04.07.17 - My Story

'Seeing Margaret Jones', is a documentary that celebrates Margaret’s life and demonstrates to Margaret (more)

Talking chairs

04.07.17 - Technology

Full time carer Victoria Lee is asked what she would ask for if she (more)

Ask me my age? It's none of your business.

04.07.17 - My Story

Iris Picken, 15, shares her views on ageism. She argues that young or old (more)

Age is just a number — the 7 year old recycling entrepreneur

14.06.17 - Work & Employment

'Starting a business isn't that hard', says Ryan Hickman, 7 years old and CEO (more)

Artist Marina Abramovic on Intergenerational Collaborations

14.06.17 - Arts & Culture

Watch this short clip of the always interesting artist Marina Abramovic, speak about her (more)

A music video that challenges ageism in the media

Love this music video for rap artists, Friends with the Help. Director Nancy Lee, (more)

It's important not to retire from life

13.06.17 - Film & Photography

Listen to and watch this beautiful, gentle and inspiring short photo film by Magda (more)

Confront Ageism - Or the Rest Is Noise

12.06.17 - Talks & Workshops

Watch the Key Note presentation by Ashton Applewhite, Author of 'This Chair Rocks: A (more)

Mym talks about how her love of dogs connects with all ages

09.06.17 - Film & Photography

Mym Clews is a bubbly full-time 79 year old dog breeder and the subject (more)

The 60-year old Skateboarder

05.06.17 - Health & Wellbeing

Age is just a number for 60-year old Alex Albano. He has been skateboarding (more)

It's always inspiring to meet older people who still live rich and full lives

02.06.17 - My Story

Filmmaker Chloe White shares with The Age of No Retirement what she has learnt (more)

Meet Julie Kertesz, 82. Award winning storyteller & stand-up comedienne

Read our interview with 82 year old award winning stand-up comedienne Julie Kertesz. Julie is (more)

This is Marjan

02.06.17 - Family & Friendship

We love this story by Accent Magazine and photographer Hannah Burton. Hannah met Marjan, (more)

Must I feel like an old-fashioned person in a digital first world?

02.06.17 - Technology

Why should whether we use / like / dislike technology define our age or (more)

The ageist and lazy teen stereotypes which affect all of us

04.05.17 - Talks & Workshops

Ageism doesn't only affect the older generations of society. Read this piece by Leila (more)

Cross-age, cross-continent learning and friendship

Watch this touching and lovely intergenerational story from St. Paulo in Brazil. The project's (more)

21 year old Eden and her 85 year old friend Hetty

04.05.17 - Family & Friendship

As part of a photography project at Kingston University, Eden was to research a (more)

Photographer Exposes tattooed people across all ages

02.05.17 - Film & Photography

Photographer Alan Powdrill’s documented people of all ages covered in tattoos. The photo series (more)

Is there a generational gap in the world of theatre?

We spoke to the amazing, Anna Ledwich, theatre director of the recently preformed Roundelay (more)

Connecting with your Aging parents through travel

10.04.17 - Care & Caring

We asked author of 'Planes, Canes, and Automobiles: Connecting with Your Aging Parents through (more)

Time to talk about death

10.04.17 - Health & Wellbeing

We all know that we will die someday. But we cling to that idea (more)

Becoming an Artist at 88

07.04.17 - Arts & Culture

Grandmother of French New Wave Cinema, Agnès Varda, on becoming an Artist at 88 (more)

Be age confident

07.04.17 - Technology

The Age of No Retirement follows the women disrupting sexism and ageism in the (more)

I went to Spain and was bowled over by intergenerational love

The Age of No Retirement's online editor Stella went to visit her family in (more)


05.04.17 - Technology

Watch this full of life documentary about a group of teenagers helping people a (more)

Most of my heroes are women over 60

05.04.17 - My Story

27 year old, Danish writer and filmmaker Alexandra Kristjansen writes an honest and reflective (more)

A Number Is Just An Age

05.04.17 - Work & Employment

Ben Towers from London started a company as an 11 year old. By the (more)

Milken Summit, London 2016

31.03.17 - Talks & Workshops

Watch Jonathan represent The Age of No Retirement on the Milken Institute London Summit (more)


30.03.17 - Design

Over 65s can inspire design for everyone and the packaging industry needs to evolve (more)

A family clothes swap

29.03.17 - Fashion & Beauty

Our societal beliefs and traditions are often reflected through the clothes we wear. Artist (more)

You are never too old to learn something new

29.03.17 - Health & Wellbeing

The new Merck Consumer Health - WE100 - Global Campaign gave us goosebumps. See (more)

I'm 17!

29.03.17 - Talks & Workshops

Kate Simonds is 17 years old. In this powerful Ted talk she talks about (more)

Are our perceptions of age distorted?

Watch how Apia Australia's set up an intergenerational social experiment, to see if ageism (more)

Dare to Question Why We Are So Afraid of Getting Older

29.03.17 - Fashion & Beauty

World-renowned peace activist Scilla Elworthy speaks about the issues we face across all ages (more)

So who is ageist?

29.03.17 - Talks & Workshops

Our longtime friend Mervyn Eastman — a man of many titles, many skills, who (more)

Ageism: all around us

29.03.17 - Research & Academia

HelpAge asked older people around the world how ageism affected them. Watch this strong (more)

A quirky film about quirky women

Watch this short Documentary by Talia Pasqua, which gives a brief insight into the life (more)

Two raging grannies

Watch the trailer for the brilliant film about political activists Shirley (91) and Hinda (more)

Not just a 20's thing.

14.03.17 - My Story

Interactive illustrator Katie Johnston writes a very intimate and honest reflection on the stress (more)

81 year old, retired banker releases her first app

07.03.17 - Technology

Masako Wakamiya shatters the stereotypes that are at the heart of the technology industry (more)

The worry of growing older in China

07.03.17 - Arts & Culture

Chinese Artist, Designer and Royal College of Art graduate Lumao Luyan reflects on aging (more)

Cockney Stan

07.03.17 - Family & Friendship

Photographer Joshua T Gibbons documents the bachelor lifestyle of Stan, who claims he is (more)


07.03.17 - Arts & Culture

Filmmakers Lenka Clayton and James Price explore the semiotics of body language. We can (more)

U+I Think

07.03.17 - Talks & Workshops

In January 2017, The Age of No Retirement where very excited to be invited (more)

Q and Age - Ines Neto dos Santos

07.03.17 - Q and Age

Ines Neto dos Santos, artist and chef-in-making takes our Q and Age challenge. (more)

The Aquadettes

The Aquadettes - a short documentary film on life, death, and synchronized swimming. (more)

A film about Leon

Leon Ward gained an interest in bowling while hanging around his local alley as (more)

How to Age Gracefully

Watch CBC Radio's video message where people of all ages offer words of wisdom (more)

What 'old' looks like

27.02.17 - Health & Wellbeing

Age-disrupting organisation AARP, asked a group of younger people what age they consider to (more)

The oldest footballer in England

24.02.17 - Film & Photography

Another great film by James Callum and Alex Knowles featuring Dickie Borthwick. (more)

The oldest Racer

24.02.17 - Film & Photography

It is not the first time we feature a documentary from film maker James (more)

Love has no age

24.02.17 - Film & Photography

In this short documentary "Love Has No Age" we see Ron Raffaelli and Charlene (more)

The remarkable story of Ernestine Shepard

24.02.17 - Film & Photography

Do healthy, ripped bodies only belong to the young? That is what Prevention Magazine (more)

Silver Fox in a Frock

24.02.17 - My Story

This amazing and inspiring story from Sandy Cambell about coming out as trans in (more)

Artist In Transit

23.02.17 - Arts & Culture

Artist in Transit is an intergenerational, collaborative arts project aimed at delivering creative workshops (more)

Get Old

15.02.17 - Film & Photography

Creative Collective, Variable's film "Get Old" spreads positive awareness on aging. They were comissioned (more)

Passing on the traditions of Ndebele painting

15.02.17 - Arts & Culture

Painter and Artist Esther Mahlangu is Keeping Africa’s Ndebele painting alive, and is known (more)

Change is a Beautiful Thing

15.02.17 - Fashion & Beauty

'Change is a Beautiful Thing' is a film about 5 women, and is made (more)

Sun City Poms

15.02.17 - Home & Housing

American photographer Danielle Lewitt documented a wonderful group of women who lives at Sun (more)

A 4 year old interviews her mum

14.02.17 - Family & Friendship

We came across Marianna Wassberg's lovely Facebook post that says 'You will be surprised (more)

Humanitas Retirement Home

08.02.17 - Home & Housing

At The Age of No Retirement we are big fans of Jurrien Muntink and (more)

Ages of Us

02.02.17 - Research & Academia

Ages of Us is an interest in the process of ageing, the effects of (more)

New Old Exhibition

02.02.17 - Design

There is still one more week to go get inspired by The New Old (more)

Where are all the older people in technology

24.01.17 - Technology

Suzanne Noble, Founder of Frugl and Co-Founder of The Advantages of Age, speak at (more)

Voices in common

24.01.17 - Research & Academia

The Age of No Retirement interviewed a large group of from 7 to 93 (more)

Brighton Swimming Club

Brighton bound, documentary photographer Zackary Cain, who is in his late thirties shares his (more)

'Eighty Four' A music video

We had a chat with Director Marco Stoltze of Copenhagen-based filmmakers 73collective. In their (more)

Totally Free

17.01.17 - Film & Photography

'Totally Free' is a short documentary that explores the weirdly wonderful roller skaters in (more)

Special Projects

05.01.17 - Design

Founded by Clara Gaggero-Westaway and Adrian Westaway, Special Projects combines the principles of user-centric (more)

Daringly Able

04.01.17 - Home & Housing

We send off a set of questions about life/age to the wonderful film directors (more)

Alex Bruni

04.01.17 - Fashion & Beauty

Model and writer Alex Bruni on how age matters in a positive way, but (more)

Rebels Without a Pause

02.01.17 - Film & Photography

We talked to photographer Muir Vilder about his extraordinary series 'Rebels without a Pause' (more)

Aging can be fun

02.01.17 - Film & Photography

Read our short interview with artist Cristiana Negoescu about her photography project 'Aging can (more)

Waves - A Portrait of Maria á Heygum

02.01.17 - Health & Wellbeing

32 year old Islandic film maker Heidrik, portrays his 85 year old grandmother Maria (more)


02.01.17 - Research & Academia

Watch a our event video alongside a few portraits, from the Age Doesn't Matter (more)

Guiness World Record holder Michelle Dubarry/Russell Alldread

We interviewed photographer Jess Desaulniers-Lea, leading up to our 'Age Does Not Matter' Festival (more)

Intergenerational artisans in Vietnam

30.12.16 - Research & Academia

Royal College of Art student Grace Crannis went to Vietnam for a research residency, (more)

People across all ages can meet

23 year old Psychology Anna Louise Pang recently travelled to New York to spend 6 (more)

Common grounds

We asked 28 year old Luis Nogueria about his Final Project at London College (more)

Be proud of the aging process

19.12.16 - Arts & Culture

Artist, wife, mother and performer Melodie Holliday talks about love, life and being proud (more)

Style Does Not Retire

18.12.16 - Fashion & Beauty

Style does not retire. A fashion film by Caryn Franklin for The Age of (more)

Aging Gracefully

13.12.16 - Film & Photography

Interview with photographer Karsten Thormaehlen, who believe we all need to get a more (more)

A film about Joan

13.12.16 - Health & Wellbeing

Childhood friends/Film-makers Lizzie Mayson and Amber Felix shares their view on age, and their (more)

My Nan Rita

13.12.16 - My Story

Our Storytelling Editor Stella shares her relationship with her nan. (more)

Mark McLane, talks Intergenerational at Barclays

13.12.16 - Work & Employment

Mark McLane, Head of Diversity for Barclays, talks to The Age of No Retirement (more)

The answers lie in the crowd

13.12.16 - Technology

Norman Lewis, Head of Crowdsourcing at PwC passionately argues the case for encouraging all (more)

One + one equals three

13.12.16 - Work & Employment

'The Intergenerational team is the only way'. Highly experienced writer, communicator, campaigner and strategist (more)

The age of portfolio living

13.12.16 - Work & Employment

'The Age of Portfolio Living'. Barrie Hobson, psychologist and expert in ageing talks about (more)

Breaking the stereotypes of the tech industry

13.12.16 - Technology

'My story of being an older techpreneur'. Louise Chunn is a prize-winning journalist and (more)

How being positive about ageing will help us live an extra 7.5 years

13.12.16 - Health & Wellbeing

Guy Robertson shares his extraordinary review of research from the last 40 years on (more)

How breaking stereotypes is good for business

13.12.16 - Work & Employment

Tricia Cusden shares with The Age of No Retirement why her frustration with the (more)

Age is only a state of mind

13.12.16 - Health & Wellbeing

Film maker James Callum writes about aging and portrays Dylis the Skydiver and David (more)

Tech for all

13.12.16 - Technology

Pauline Wiltshire, and Dominic Wilson from Barclays talk about how Barclays is making technology (more)

'Hello i'm Nora'

13.12.16 - Fashion & Beauty

Emily Stein photographs her friend Nora who, as Emily describes it doesn't see her (more)

Producing images that didn’t seem to be out there

We spoke to Alex Rotas about life, age and how male/female elite sports people (more)

Youth has no age

09.12.16 - Film & Photography

Natalia Evelyn Bencicova, the 23 year old award-winning Slovakian photographer, recently told The Age (more)

Age Does Not Define Us

09.12.16 - Research & Academia

We gave 12 people, ranging from 22 to 66, a video camera for a (more)

We both want to get our independence back

09.12.16 - Care & Caring

Being a carer is tough, being cared for is tough too. We talk to (more)

Altered images of age

09.12.16 - Arts & Culture

Jade Beall is the world-renown photographer specialising in truthful images of women to inspire (more)

Becoming an intern at 52

09.12.16 - Work & Employment

How many companies actually have the imagination to give ‘older’ people new experiences? The (more)

Dad Making Me

09.12.16 - My Story

One of the things we want to do at The Age of No Retirement (more)

I will wear what I like

09.12.16 - Fashion & Beauty

Top fashion blogger Catherine Summers talks to The Age of No Retirement about why (more)

How I invented a new career

09.12.16 - Work & Employment

Frances Cain is a successful toy designer and business owner. She’s also 51. She (more)

Advantages of Ageing

09.12.16 - My Story

The Age of No Retirement talks to Rose Rouse, one of the fabulous women (more)

My story — how I got my confidence back.

09.12.16 - My Story

Helen Walmsley-Johnson had plenty of confidence as a child but where did it go (more)

How we grew bolder

09.12.16 - My Story

Why the fear of getting older inspired Dominique Afacan and Helen Cathcart, both in (more)

White works

09.12.16 - Fashion & Beauty

Writer, artist and exquisite model Alex B. finds that confidence in who she is (more)

Q and Age – Jonathan Collie

03.08.16 - Q and Age

Jonathan Collie, Co Founder of The Age of No Retirement answers our quick fire (more)

Q and Age – George Lee

17.06.16 - Q and Age

George Lee, one of the Co-Founders of The Age of No Retirement answers our (more)

The app that avoids things that older people (well, all of us) find off-putting

16.09.17 - Technology

Technology being used in a human way, not as a driver but as a (more)