American photographer Danielle Lewitt documented a wonderful group of women who lives at Sun City Retirement home in Arizona. 'Sun City Poms' is about a group of cheerleaders and you have to be over 60 years old to become a member.

The Sun City Poms

It's been a while since we came across American photographer and filmmaker Danielle Lewitt's short Documentary about the beautiful ladies from Sun City Poms. The group created their act as a cheerleading squad in the late 1970's, as part of the Sun City Saints women's softball team. Today the group has evolved into an energetic performance and acrobatic act. 
The members of Sun City Poms seem to come from all parts of life, and also seem to represent much more than entertainment. It's more about sharing a positive aspect of life during retirement and ageing positively.  We definitely think these ladies break the conventional image of what an "old lady" should behave like, look like, dress like, act like, feel like, talk like, be like!

Who wants to start an intergenerational cheerleading group with us?

Visit Danielle Lewitt's website here and for the Sun City Poms

Image by Danielle Lewitt.
Image by Danielle Lewitt.
Image by Danielle Lewitt.

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