Even at 93 years old, Tom Hairabedian is diving head-first into competition. Quite literally. The oldest masters level diver in the world, known as “Dr. Dive,” began competing at 17 years old, and though he’s slowed down a bit, he’s still performing dives most people decades younger wouldn’t even dream of attempting. Clearly, Tom's age does not define him.

According to the International Swimming Hall of Fame, where Tom has been a member since 2007, he developed his can do it mentality from his mother and father, who survived the Armenian Genocide. A positive attitude is a vital component in keeping us stronger and fitter for longer. It is absolutely the time to stop listening to any age stereotypes that say, "you can't!" Tom's story is not extraordinary.  We can all keep on learning and challenging ourselves at every step of our lives. This is just another example of what can happen when we say, "we can and we are".

"Being a Master Diver is an opportunity to stay in shape."

Tom Hairabedian

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