Our longtime friend Mervyn Eastman — a man of many titles, many skills, who commands much respect and a real innovator — spoke at TEDxCanaryWharf to an entirely younger audience about ageism. A really interesting watch!

Social Worker by profession, Co-Founder ChangeAGEnts Coop, host of the fabulous 'Age Speaks' weekly radio show and Chair England Co-operative Care Forum Speaker/author Mervyn Eastman says in his Ted Talk,

 'We live in a gerontophobic culture, in that so many people now fear ageing and hold prejudices against the over 60s. The challenge is that we, as older people, hold ageist views about other older people – we think of older people as somebody else! We feel we are owed because we are old and hence feed “everyday ageism.'

TEDx Talks

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