Guy Robertson shares his extraordinary review of research from the last 40 years on age, attitudes and wellbeing. Time to change our mindset! Could mean an extra 7.5 years of positive living. Guy talks at The Age of No Retirement's Age Doesn't Matter festival, London, 2016.

Guy emphasises that by simply changing thoughts about our own ageing from negative to positive, we can all live longer and better. Ever heard of "hardening of the attitudes"? That’s what happens when everything that goes into our heads and then gets processed between our ears, is pessimistic and cynical. 24/7, it’s as potent and ultimately as dangerous as clogged up arteries in terms of your healthy life expectancy.

""One picture of a 100 year old marathon runner doesn't change decades of negative conditioning.""

Guy Robertson

The Age of No Retirement

Improving attitudes and perceptions about ageing translates into up to 7.5 more years of life. That’s a greater impact on longevity than if you stopped smoking or quit eating red meat to lower your cholesterol!

The problem is that by the age of 4, we are bombarded by so much bleak imagery and information about ageing that we have already begun to internalise these stereotypes! The negative thoughts accumulate and eventually cause damage to our health, our ability to live our daily lives and even our memory capacity. Robertson uses all the available research to illustrate how ageist assumptions get reinforced throughout our lives. We end up crippling ourselves by being complicit in support of the stereotypes. Robertson reminds us that; "One picture of a 100 year old marathon runner doesn't change decades of negative conditioning." Time to actively recognise and resist the societal programming.

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