There is still one more week to go get inspired by The New Old Exhibition at The Design Museum. Watch our video chat with the wonderful curator of the show Jeremy Myerson.

NEW OLD - 12 JANUARY 2017 – 19 FEBRUARY 2017 explores the potential for design and designers to enhance the experience of our later lives. The Design Museum writes - "As our population ages rapidly, the exhibition looks at how design can help people lead fuller, healthier and more rewarding lives into old age, asking the question: how can designers meet the challenge of a rapidly ageing society? From robotic clothing to driverless cars, this exhibition rethinks design approaches to ageing." The Age of No Retirement was a

Curated by Jeremy Myerson, Helen Hamlyn Professor of Design at the Royal College of Art, and sponsored by the Helen Hamlyn Trust and AXA PPP healthcare, the exhibition is organised into six sections - Ageing, Identity, Home, Community, Working and Mobility.

Each section features a special design commission by a leading designer or design team, creating new solutions for demographic change as well as addressing the challenges’ of ages. New projects by Yves Béhar /fuseproject, Konstantin Grcic, Future Facility, Special Projects, IDEO and Priestman Goode feature in the show. NEW OLD examines how innovation and design can re-imagine how we can live during the later stages of our lives. Designing a world for all ages is under construction. In this clip, Jeremy discusses the exciting collaboration with the Age of No Retirement.

The Age of No Retirement
The Age of No Retirement

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