Durge Kami, 69, was born into a poor family and lived too far away from school to receive a formal education as a child. But that hasn’t stopped him from finishing school now. He’s the oldest student in his school and his classmates affectionately call him Bajee, or ‘grandpa’ in Nepali. Durge hopes that his persistence can set an example for both young and old.

As one of the Co-Founders of The Age of No Retirement I am always talking to my teenage daughter about age related issues, the agesim which touches all of us and what we can do about creating a world that works better for all of us, young and old. One of her questions in a recent conversation was,  "why don't we have people of different ages in our classrooms, that would break down age barriers." Well now we do! Maybe this is something that can inspire schools in the UK?

Thanks to Great Big Story for the film. Many more amazing films on their Youtube channel here of amazing people of all ages, doing amazing things. You can see them here.

Great Big Story.

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