Popular media may create stereotypes about the lives of older women and younger women in our culture — that the two ages never meet. But this view is at worst dangerous and actually, just not true, as this wonderful film by BBC 3 shows. Intergenerational relationships – done right – can be magical,powerful and extremely meaningful for all ages and for many years to come. Especially if it is between a gran and her granddaughter.

In this gorgeous film, you can see how the closeness of grandmothers and their adult granddaughters can play an important role, providing a degree of separation — a confident as it where —  from more immediate family members such as siblings or parents. The film also shows the importance and real emotional value of an intergenerational connection and that we have many, many experiences in common, if we just asked each other. Maybe this is another good reason to value mixed age communities where young people can find the generation after their parents to confide in?


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