Watch Jonathan represent The Age of No Retirement on the Milken Institute London Summit 2016 panel on Growing the European Longevity Economy.

The Age of No Retirement was invited to the Milken Institute London Summit in late 2016. For those of people who don't know much about the Milken Institute,  it prides itself on curating high impact, tightly focused international events with business leaders, investors, philanthropists and decision makers to come together to explore new ways of thinking across some of our biggest challenges. This year, 850 invited attendees were challenged to convene, inspire and direct change and we were there to share and collaborate.

Moderated by Sarbjit Nahal, Managing Director and Head of Thematic Investment Strategy, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research we joined the European Longevity Economy panel. As well as Jonathan representing The Age of No Retirement, the panel included other leading lights: Prof Lynda Gratton - London Business School,Jody Holtzman - AARP, Baroness Sally Greengross - ILC and chaired by Sarbjhit Nadal - Bank of America, Merrill Lynch. 

Watch this dynamic exchange on how to rethink the demographic shift. Topics include acknowledging older people as an untapped, potent reservoir of skills and abilities, as we enter a time where the workers to retired people ratio currently at 8 to 1, is predicted to shrink to 2 to 1, by 2050. We manage to get our view across that real positive change will only by adopting an all age, less segmented approach to longevity; one that focuses on commonality and optimising the "Xtra 10" years of healthy life. We maintain that this will translate into economic business models that create both financial and social profits and benefit us all.

Milken Institute

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