Artist, wife, mother and performer Melodie Holliday talks about love, life and being proud of the aging process.

We have been lucky to do a short Q&A with the beautiful and super inspiring Melodie Holliday - Editor/Education Developer for Shades of Noir, Lecturer at LCC and Singer in the Punk Band Art Trip & The Static Sound. 

Do you think how old you are, is relevant to how you think about yourself? 

I like to take stock of how far I have come. I am an artist, wife, mother and performer. I am proud of the aging process. When i was younger I found it really annoying that people would tell me what they thought I would be doing now in my life. You know, trust me you won't be doing that when you are older and actually, I have always remained true to myself. I still love punk and I have raised my kids on the basis of DIY culture. Nothing has changed drastically, I haven't turned into a banker and moved to the suburbs. 

Do you think how old you are, changes how people think about you? 

"Always be a fearless adventurer."

Melodie Holliday.

Image by Jay B.

Often people think I am younger than I am when I tell them how old I am they are 9 times out of ten surprised. I have memories of places and things which I often share. London has changed so much so have my energy levels. I used to live for going out all the time now I am more happy to stay in with Dan and have a quiet night. I also love going for walks with him, my girls and our dog. I just love. 

What is your biggest stress in your life at the moment? 

 I try not to have stress because its counter - productive however what make me sad is a lack of compassion for others and a culture of not caring about others. I worry that society is becoming very selfish I don't like this whole blame the poor stuff that is fashionable right now. It breaks my heart to see so many people living on the street. Mattresses all over London there is a man that I have kind of adopted I give him left over sandwiches from meetings at work, money sometimes and generally try to look out for him. That could easily be any of us in that situation. I just don't get why we are being encouraged not to care about individuals who are down on their luck. 

What is the thing which makes you happiest at the moment? 

"I have always remained true to myself. I still love punk and I have raised my kids on the basis of DIY culture. Nothing has changed drastically, I haven't turned into a banker and moved to the suburbs."

Melodie Holliday.

Melodie with her husband Dan. By Stella Malfilatre

Taking life one day at a time. Those that I love and admire are in good health and happy. Having opportunities to be useful and change things. 

Do you like spending time with people of other ages? 

I adore young people they are just fantastic. I love their energy and enthusiasm, talent. I recently went to the theatre with my Dear friend Pearl who is 70 years old. I love her she has amazing spirit of adventure, a love of punk music and lots of amazing stories to tell about the past. She is also an activist.   

What do you think are the biggest challenges we face across all ages? 

Image by Jay B.

We must not lose our compassion. What do you think the benefit is of people of different ages spending time together? At this point in time with such political upheaval I would say it is important to share ideas, values and make a commitment to doing things differently ethically and compassionately. 

What can you learn from people who are older? 

Find out what they have learnt from their life. 

What can you learn from people who are younger? 

Melodie's art work. Image by Jay B.

Always be a fearless adventurer. 

What do you think is the benefit of a society where our age does not define us? 

We would not associate a number of years to define  what we are physically capable of or what we might look like.

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