Masako Wakamiya shatters the stereotypes that are at the heart of the technology industry — ageism and sexism. Super inspiring.

Stylist Magazine posted a very inspiring article, in March 2017, about the wonderful 81 year old Masako Wakamiya, who recently released her very own app.

In her interview with Stylist she explains how turning 60 and having to retire, wasn't something she was looking forward to after 43 years as a banker. 

Her journey started in 2014 when Masako was a speaker at a TEDxTokyo conference talk. In her talk she spoke about how being a housebound caretaker for her 90 year old mother, inspired her to learn how to use a computer in order to communicate with the outside world while staying in the house. An inspiring example of the importance of life long learning and never standing still.

Watch the full Ted talk below and read the full Stylist Magazine article here.

Image source Stylist Magazine

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