Mark McLane, Head of Diversity for Barclays, talks to The Age of No Retirement at the Age Doesn't Matter festival, London, 2016.

Mark McLane, Global Diversity and Inclusion at Barclays shares with us why it’s so important for Barclays to embrace intergenerational change. It's what Mark refers to as Dynamic Working - it's how you work your life across every aspect of diversity.

The demographic statistics and trends are only part of the story. The real driver is the need to recognise the age bias in society and to overcome the stereotypes that are inhibiting us – stereotypes that are no longer real or relevant. Barclays is changing its culture, attitude and language with regards to age – recognising assets, embracing diversity and empowering individuals. Listen to Mark and learn more about how the Barclays’ initiatives are driving age-inclusive change in the banking sector and how to look at going back to work in your 50's!


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