We came across Marianna Wassberg's lovely Facebook post that says 'You will be surprised how much your kids notice you. Ask your kid these 15 questions and see what happens'.

Marianna's daughter Rosalia is 4 years old. She thought it would be interesting to see what Rosalia would reply to a set of insightful questions about herself. It definitely made us smile. If you feel inspired to do this with your own children, we would love to hear from you! Thank you Marianna for sharing!

Marianna to Rosalia:

What do I often say?

Do you want some pee with poo on it?

What makes me happy?

When I tickle you.

What makes me sad?

When I don't listen.

How tall am I?

You are a giant.

What is my favourite thing to do?


What is my favourite food?

Spaghetti and meat balls.

What is my favourite thing to drink?


If I was gonna go somewhere, where would that be?

Østerbro (an area in Copenhagen)

Do you think you could live without me? 

No! Because then I would miss you.

How do I bother you?

When you tickle me.

What's my favourite music?

The Dance song ( Justin Timberlake)

What is my job?

To sell make-up and sometimes you do my make-up with lip balm.

How old am I ?

52 years old (a little bit later she said 5 years old).

What's my favourite colour? 

Pink and Purple.

How much do you love me?

All the way up to the moon and back again, right where the boogers live.

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