As part of our ground-breaking research of 2016, we asked people of all ages what they thought of a range of products and services that make up part of our everyday lives.  Of the 30 industry sectors surveyed, one of the worst performing sectors, which causes tensions across all ages, was insurance. How refreshing then, that Legal & General approached The Age of No Retirement to work with their marketing team. This is the film of our first workshop.

In our research we could see that people of all ages saw Insurance as being very difficult to understand — it was far from being simple and intuitive, features that all of us, whatever our age, want. Insurance products and services were see as time consuming and requiring just too much effort and were fundamentally really unpleasant to have to use.

Legal & General can see that change is needed and this is the film of our first workshop with them. Here we work with their marketing team, to help them understand the needs, beliefs and values of their all-age customer base, and to help them communicate with them in a more clear and open way. During the workshop we worked with their marketing and brand managers to look at how they are using language, the stories they are telling and the images they choose to use to communicate with their customers and to see where they are falling. We worked together to shatter ageist thinking, and shape a clearer, more open and more intergenerational approach built on a relationship of trust that would flex and adapt to the customer’s changing needs throughout their potential 100-year life.

"What we have learnt from The Age of No Retirement is how to talk to our customers in an ageless way."

Graham Precey, Head of CSR and Ethics.

The Age of No Retirement

Following the success of the marketing review, Legal & General has asked The Age of No Retirement to be a Critical Friend across their business, helping them incorporate the principles of intergenerational design into their products, brands and communications.

The goal of The Age of No Retirement is to transform the insurance sector from the 'dark art of finance and legal speak' (to quote one survey responder) into a valued, responsive and supportive partner for life, trusted to look after our ever changing financial and insurance needs throughout our whole and its many transitionsVideo by Inês Neto Dos Santos.


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