Jonathan Collie, Co Founder of The Age of No Retirement answers our quick fire questions.
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Jonathan Collie

Q: What do you do?​
​A: Co-Founder of The Age of No Retirement.

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At The Age of no Retirement we’re interested in commonality, especially across the generations. Which is why we’ve devised a short Q & Age to send out as far and wide as we can. Over the coming months we are going to get people in different countries, different cultures, faiths, paths, mind-sets, and yes, ages to give us their answers to the same 10 questions. By showing our shared commonalities we are hoping we can move a step closer to a re-imagined age-neutral world.
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Q1: What makes you happy?
A: A good night's sleep.

Q2: Share one thing that really annoys you in your everyday life.

A: Traffic jams.

Q3: What thing do you find you often wish for?

A: To use my mobile phone as a skimming stone on a glassy lake.

Q4: If you could invent anything, what would it be?
A: Hyper-speed flight.

Q5: What do different generations have in common?
A: Optimism.

Q6: What makes you confident?
A: Success.

Q7: We are living on average an extra 10 years, right in the middle of our lives. What would you like to do with your Xtra10?​
A: Have the space to paint.

Q8: ​When you look back at your life what do you hope to have achieved?​
A: Being missed when I'm gone.

Q9: ​How old are you?
​A: I am ​48 years old.

Q10 : ​How would describe yourself in 20 words, or less?
A: Driven, passionate, tenacious, stubborn, resilient, compassionate, dedicated, charming, energetic, pragmatic, visionary, playful, loving, action-must-be-taken... according to Robinne​ (Jonathan's wife)​.

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