You’re never too old to go on the journey of a lifetime. A wonderfully warm film produced by Paula Jones, making her first film at 65. Hip Hop-eration follows a troupe of courageous older people on an extraordinary quest to perform at the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas. The film is more evidence to prove that age has no limits and that we should celebrate life regardless of our age or our condition. We also love the moments when the hip hop dancers of different ages come together.

Words by Paula Jones, 69, Producer at Barefoot Films who worked on this brilliant film about the 'Hip Hop-eration' dance group.

Age does not matter if we are loved and love in return, if we allow ourselves to be fearless, if our spirit retains a zest for knowledge, truth and life, if we hold no grievances or grudges, if in some small way we have made a difference and if our wisdom is tempered with empathy and understanding of the world we have aged into.

"Age has no limitations, except those imposed on it by others."

Paula Jones.

Paula Jones.

I was 65 — a mother of 5 and grandmother of 6 — when I began producing Hip Hop-eration. This was my first feature film and I was 67 when I finished it. I am currently producing two more feature films. 

To put it very simply, "Age does not matter if we face our fears, love well and dance to the music in our souls". I say this critically aware that I am lucky enough to be healthy and to live in a progressive first world country, I have never had to face war, famine, poverty, illness or chronic pain and my perspective is a privileged one sadly. 

"Age does not matter if we face our fears, love well and dance to the music in our souls."

Paula Jones.

Life has thrown me its fair share of curveballs but age has taught me that life is fragile, extraordinary and experiential, a continuum of learning where age has no limitations, except those imposed on it by others. Age has given me freedom. To me, the women who feature in Hip Hop-eration are kindred spirits.

You can watch more from the Hip Hop-eration crew here. 

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