Stoic, graceful, and full of razor sharp wit – words to describe both Gwendolyn, the 65-year-old weightlifting champion, and Gwendolyn the film by Ruth Kaaserer.

The film follows the multiple world record-holder as she trains for the chance to break yet another European record, and prove that her ongoing battle with cancer has barely slowed her stride. Winner of Viennale’s Best Feature, Gwendolyn is a timeless example of observational documentary film at its finest. Its minimalist approach emphasises the unconventional and deeply caring relationships between Gwendolyn, her trainer, and several of her closest friends. Her wins and her struggles are both treated in a matter-of-fact tone that allows the protagonist’s charm to shine through. Entirely unfettered by sentimentalism, Gwendolyn speaks to the fighter and the poet in all of us — whatever our age.

"Gwendolyn speaks to the fighter and the poet in all of us — whatever our age."

Film trailer for Gwendolyne.

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