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George Lee

Q: What do you do?​
​A: Two jobs. Mum (the best but hardest job in the world).
And Co-Founder of The Age of No Retirement.

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At The Age of no Retirement we’re interested in commonality, especially across the generations. Which is why we’ve devised a short Q & Age to send out as far and wide as we can. This is an ongoing research project and we are going to get people in different countries, different cultures, faiths, paths, mind-sets, and yes, ages to give us their answers to the same 10 questions. By showing our shared commonalities we are hoping we can move a step closer to a re-imagined age-neutral world.
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Q1: What makes you happy?
A: Family, friends, open water swimming, doing something I believe in — The Age of No Retirement.

Q2: Share one thing that really annoys you in your everyday life.

A: Unkindness and lack of manners. Sorry that is two, but they are closely related.

Q3: What thing do you find you often wish for?
A: For everyone to see the good in each other.

Q4: If you could invent anything, what would it be?
A: A political system that was fair and which was based on happiness and wellbeing.

Q5: What do different generations have in common?
A: So much if we started to talk to each other.

Q6: What makes you confident?
A: A good night's sleep.

Q7: We are living on average an extra 10 years, right in the middle of our lives. What would you like to do with your Xtra10?​
A: I am making use of those Xtra 10 years right now — working on making the world a more integrated place.​ Hoping 10 years will be more than enough if we all work together.

Q8: ​When you look back at your life what do you hope to have achieved?​
A: That my Xtra 10 years have been to put to good use and communities in the UK and across the world are more integrated​ and more united.

Q9: ​How old are you?
​A: I am ​48.5 (the half is very important​) years old.

Q10 : ​How would describe yourself in 20 words, or less?
A: Passionate, optimistic, ​hard-woking, emotional, creative, people loving and increasingly courageous.

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