Shattering outdated stereotypes around women, the ‘Elastic Generation: The Female Edit’ report shows there is a new narrative for women in their fifties, sixties and seventies. The report is a rallying cry for all women of all ages to live as they want and to not be defined by the number of birthdays they have.

The wonderful Marie Stafford from global advertising agency, J. Walter Thompson, got in touch with us at the end of 2017. Marie, Head of Innovation at the agency, and George Lee, from The Age of No Retirement, had spoken together at a number of events and had bonded over a passionate desire to shatter stereotypes around age. So, when Marie called and asked for our input into their report ‘Elastic Generation: The Female Edit', a report aiming to dislodge the outdated stereotypes and myths associated with the lives of women in their fifties, sixties and early seventies, we of course jumped at the chance. 


From The Elastic Generation Report.

The powerful report was published in early 2018 and identifies a major disconnect between the way older women are really living versus the way they are portrayed by brands, on television, in films and in the media in general.

From The Elastic Generation Report.

Far from retreating from the world, slowing down and taking it easy, the report shows so powerfully that older women are still active and engaged and still making a crucial contribution to the economy and society. What’s more they are a powerful and influential consumer, with significant sway over household decisions. Yet few brands bother to take their needs into consideration when designing products and services. Marie is hoping the JWT research can help change that.

From The Elastic Generation Report.

At The Age of No Retirement, we are continually campaigning and banging on doors to show the social and financial impacts of ditching the tired stereotypes around age. The women in this report are in inspiration to all of us of all ages. They show that we can live according to how we feel rather than how we ought. That we can push the boundaries of expectation and upend the status quo. Ever the generation of rebels, these older women are reinventing life past fifty and are leading the path for all of us to follow. Bloody exciting!

You can download the full report here.

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