We have gathered a collection of videos+short documentaries featuring the absolutely amazing 102 year old dancer Eileen Kramer, the oldest professional dancer in Australia. She is still choreographing dance pieces and has no desire to retire. She has said that this is her secret, always having a new project to look forward to. She recently told an Australian news channel that she can't dance with her legs anymore, but that doesn't stop her, and she now just uses her upper body to express herself. We just absolutely love Eileen and feel so motivated by her determination and drive and her ability to inspire people of all ages. It is stories such as Eileen's which change our narrative on ageing and show there is a new future open to all of us if we allow us to think differently. Amazing stuff.

"Try to do creative work because you’re doing something new all the time."

Eileen Kramer.

Interview with Eileen on her project, 'The Early Ones'.
Clips of some of the rehearsals of 'The Early Ones'.
Interveiw with Eileen on Australian news show.

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