Don Pellman, now 102, is a record holder in 5 track and field events. He says exercise is the most important thing to keeping healthy. And that all of us, throughout our lives, 'should do a little every day, even if just a walk'. Watch this wonderful film, thanks to The Times, San Diego, of a very persistent Don Pellmann making three attempts at becoming the first 100-year-old to clear a height in the pole vault at the San Diego Senior Olympics in September, 2015. On the same day, he took the age-group world records in the long jump and high jump, as well as extending the world record in the discus with each of his three throws. You will find yourself shouting 'yesssss' out loud in this film. You have been warned! #agedoesnotdefineus in breaking world records.

"It’s a poor day because I should have got that pole vault, too. And I should have had better marks on most of these [others]. But I’m glad I got the 100 record – that’s the one I wanted the most."

Don Pellman.

The Times, San Diego.

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