Sometimes our own internal ageism tells us we are too old to take risks. But as we read more and more stories about people such as "Daredevil Dilys", we realise it is only ourself which is stopping us try something new. It is not our age which defines us but our mindset shaped by society's outdated view on what older means. Time to change that! We can always learn and try something new. And you never know, this could be the start of a wonderful transition in your evolving life story. Hope this inspires you as much as it has us.

Known throughout Wales as “Daredevil Dilys," Dilys Price made her first parachute jump at the age of 54 and she has now completed more than 1,139 jumps for charity.

Incredibly, Dilys was petrified of heights before her first jump. She says, “I started skydiving because I wanted to raise money. But no one could have been more scared than I was! When I went out I remember thinking, ‘this is death’, then, ‘oh my goodness, I am flying!"

And it is not just her passion for skydiving where Dilys is breaking new boundaries for herself. In 1996, she founded The Touch Trust from her kitchen in Cardiff. It soon grew into a renowned centre for movement education (called 'touch therapy') for people with autism, dementia and profound disabilities.

"It’s never too late. Life can still be fun, be challenging and have a purpose."

Dilys Price

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Dilys had picked up the Pride of Britain Special Recognition award for her incredible commitment to raising awareness and money for charities which help disabled children and young people. “I wanted everyone to dance,” she recalls. “If people are in wheelchairs, then imagination and music becomes more important, but you can still dance.” She went on to take her innovative techniques to hospitals, schools and care homes throughout not just Wales, but the world.

Dilys says, “Life can be very hard and we try to help those who are less fortunate. I’ve had a lovely life but I’ve found if I’m knocked down I just stand back up again. I’m extremely stubborn and I won’t give up in what I believe in. It’s never too late. Life can still be fun, be challenging and have a purpose.”

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