(B)old is a brand new festival celebrating age and creativity at the Southbank Centre in London. Championing new and established artists aged 65 years and over, (B)old features a week of talks, music, theatre, art, dancing and more to show all of us, at any age, that we can keep on being creative from birth until death and that it is never too late to be the artist you want to be.

(B)old explores and challenges the cultural perspectives of age and the role it plays in arts and society, as well as the impact of creating and experiencing art at a later age. We really hope that people of all ages will visit the festival which showcases work from artists across dance, music, theatre, visual art and literature. 

It is so important that we see older artists and performers still creating magic as they get older. There is no retirement age in the arts. But also to hear about artists discovering their gifts later in their lives. The more we hear that our age doesn't stop us, the more people of all ages will feel they have a lifetime to create their dreams, and I stress the plural in dreams. 

"(B)old is about celebrating age as a powerful force in arts and culture."

Zandra Rhodes at the B(old) festival, London.

(B)old is about celebrating age as a powerful force in arts and culture. And as Jude Kelly, Artistic Director of Southbank Centre said, " We're looking forward to exploring and challenging cultural perceptions of growing older - both in the arts and in modern society."

This wonderful programme of events is a powerful way of bringing ‘age’ into a wider discussion, and showing the opportunity and not the decline of ageing. Bravo we say!

Pianist Alfred Brendel talks about the music that inspires his life and work at the B(old) festival, London.

You can find out more about the programme here.

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