Pauline Wiltshire, and Dominic Wilson from Barclays talk about how Barclays is making technology available for all people of all ages. They shares their stories with The Age of No Retirement at The Age Doesn't Matter festival, London, 2016.

Pauline Wiltshire is retired from Barclays. Three and a half years ago she got a call from her old HDQ to participate in some one on one tech training. This helped to kick start their Digital Eagle program and today, there are over 18K Pauline’s across the country. Dominic Wilson works for Barclays and is a key driver of the project. They both share their personal experiences. The Eagles are charged with helping introduce people to the internet and teach them about the technology.

This program is for everyone, from the uninitiated first time user to the more curious and by participating in the program you move up the ranks from newby to mastermind as skills and confidence align. They explain how their involvement has been a thoroughly intergenerational experience with all ages reaping the benefits of life long learning in an age inclusive setting. They emphasise the advantages when young and old are sharing.

In their 'Tea and Teach' sessions throughout the UK, an intergenerational bonanza is being forged. Simultaneously, customer service lessons in patience and use of language -  instead of jargon are being traded for everything from finding friends to online job seeking skills and coding tutorials. In this exciting and engaging atmosphere, everybody is winning.

The Age of No Retirement

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