Watch how Apia Australia's set up an intergenerational social experiment, to see if ageism exists in the casting world. The result is a quite shocking video.

Two groups of people are brought into an experiment to explore unconscious bias in casting people for advertising. A group of fit and active older people watch a group of younger people look at their photographs amongst younger candidates to represent a new gym. Only younger 'models' photographs were picked. The two groups met at the end of the experiment and although the discussion is positive, both groups are shocked as to the level of discrimination and subconscious age bias that they had both seen unfold. No surprises in many ways. Although it still quite shocking to think that these opinions of the younger group in the film are only from 2015. A real reminder that we need to avoid discriminating based on age stereotyping. Not just youth against older generations but vice-versa as well. 

The film was made by Apia Australia 

Apia Australia

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