Annie, a high school student, interviews Marcia Wilson as part of her school project. Watch this 22min long interview by Annie, filmed in a very candid manor by Annie's mother. We love the little giggles in the background from Annie while Marcia tells her life story. It is very engaging tale and shows how powerful and engaging the passing down of stories is. To inspire, to warn, to educate and to just make you smile.

This wonderfully human interview was found on Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson Youtube Channel during our online research, and we just fell in love with this candid interview and the caption from Marcia saying, 'A lovely young high school student interviewed me for her senior citizen project. It is hard to distill one's life into a few words but i managed to do it. I took a few liberties with facts but as my daughter says, "my mother never lets the truth stand in the way of a good story." 

Enjoy the film below.

Marcia sandmeyer Wilson

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