Watch this beautiful short fine art film about 70 year old sex worker 'Libby'. It is incredibly honest and inspiring how she speaks about the body, sex as we get older and how the bigger part of society might not think the combination of pornography as we get older can be sexy.

Words + film by Marc Silver and music by Michael Nyman.

"Age has given me the freedom of being confident."


Libby talks about how through making pornography she's realised that her attractiveness has nothing to do with age. She talks openly about how this has given her power and real confidence. As she share in the film, "Age has given me the freedom of being confident". She talks about how this change has given her a new lease of life, that she wasn't ready for retirement or to give up. Although on one level the film is about sex and sexuality, it is really about what individual freedom means. This film was initially inspired by a video art installation exploring the complexities of pornography, age and individual choices. 

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