Watch a our event video alongside a few portraits, from the Age Doesn't Matter Festival, at Oxo Bargehouse, Southbank, London 2016.


In late September 2016, we at The Age of No Retirement, hosted a 4 day  'Age Does Not Matter' Festival. Our aim was to disrupt the negative narrative which continues to swirl and surround ageing. It took place at the OXO Bargehouse on London's South Bank. The 4 days consisted of simultaneous events, talks, interactive installations, inspiring photography, powerful stories, co-design labs and an infectious enthusiasm.

Society is changing. Demographics are changing. We are all living longer, healthier lives. As a society, we are only just starting to wake up to the potential of this new age – an age where challenges are shared, across generations and opportunities are no longer bound by how old you are. A brand new era is emerging where age doesn’t matter.

The Age Does Not Matter Festival attracted a large and diverse group of attendees, from all backgrounds and all sectors of society - business leaders, creative thinkers, policymakers, academics, third-sector organisations and members of the general public. Across the four days we were joined by over 1500 disruptors. Together, we are changing the conversation, shifting mindsets, and reshaping/thinking the products, services and environments we will need for the the intergenerational society of the future. 

The Co-design labs covered themes including: Work & Employment; Money; Transport & Travel; Housing & Home; Media; Health & Well-being; Education & Learning; Technology; Care; Leisure & Entertainment.

By Stella Malfilatre.
By Stella Malfilatre.
By Stella Malfilatre.
By Stella Malfilatre.
The Age of No Retirement

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