We gave 12 people, ranging from 22 to 66, a video camera for a week. They were also asked to record a diary about how their age effected how they felt about themselves and how they might be viewed, does age really define us? This is a short film of some of the insights that we gathered.

Working with the wonderful team at Flamingo we wanted to take our online research, asking question to 2000 people from 18 to 99, and go a little deeper. So we decided to find a group of people from different ages and give them a video camera for a week and get them to think more deeply about age. We asked them a number of questions including do you think there any similarities you see between your generation and other generations? And did they agree with the statement that generations are less divided now than they were in the past? We also wanted to find out what can older people learn from younger people, what can younger people learn from older people? What are the benefits to working together and learning from one another?

We also asked our intrepid age researchers to think about products and services that they felt needed to be better, if we are wanting to design a world suitable for people of all ages. And explored their views on stereotyping.

"Each generation, regardless of age, has a variety of skills and experiences. And uniting us all can only be a benefit. It is really important for us to mix with people of different generations."

Grania, 34

The Age of No Retirement

This film is a shortened version of the 9 hours of footage we gathered but even in this short film you can see how narrow demographics are in understanding who we are and how effectively meaningless segregation by age is today.

If you would like to see the longer films or talk to us about how this research could be interesting for you and your organisation then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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