We are constantly inspired by the insanely stylish New Yorker, University Professor and Blogger Lyn Slater. She accidentally became a fashion icon at the age of 63 and we totally understand why. Read more here.

It's quite hard to take your eyes off of Lyn Slater, as she is very stylish and beautiful. But once you have made your way on to her blog — Accidental Icon — you will be even more in love with the way she speaks about life, being a woman and how there isn't much on offer in the fashion magazines for older women. She is such a huge inspiration for The Age of No Retirement, and we want her to become one for you as well. We are currently waiting for an interview with the brilliant Lyn, so in the mean time here are a few photographs, a little film by Black Dot Creative and we highly recommend you have a look at her Instagram account. 

"There aren't age parameters in fashion....don't tell me there are rules."

Lyn Slater.

Screengrab from Lyn's Instagram account - www.instagram.com/iconaccidental
Image from the Mango Campaign to the left and by Calvin August Lom to the right.
Black Dot Creative

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