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   Research Unit

Our research unit is developing intergenerational approaches across sectors.

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    The Integenerational Reserch Unit

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At The Age of No Retirement we are building a ‘business case’ for an age neutral, intergenerational, and ultimately united society. The perceived divide between the young and the old reinforces ageing as an issue not an opportunity. Rather than dwell upon the differences, the separation between the young and the old, we must concentrate on finding the commonalities between us — for everyone’s benefit. 

Our Intergenerational Research Unit was launched in November 2016. Here we use research, prototyping, crowdsourcing, co-creation and design thinking, to champion a new approach towards creating products, services, environments and even systems, not around older people, but around all of us. Our belief is that an age-neutral, intergenerational approach to innovation and design is the key to creating the future we all want. 

Intergenerational design, or age inclusive design is the future of design. It is people centric and not product centric, has a lifetime value and benefits everyone at any age.

    You can download the full Age Does Not Define Us report here 

Our Intergenerational Research Unit is at the forefront of cross-age research and development in the UK. 

Supported by The Helen Hamlyn Centre of Design (RCA), the Spigit Innovation Platform and with affiliative support from Creative Review, The Age of No Retirement is leading an interdisciplinary team of researchers, businesses, workers, citizens and industry leaders in pioneering intergenerational opportunities for all. 

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    Intergenerational Design Principles

One of the main areas of reserach and development that we have been focsuing on is the conception and definition of a set of Integenerational Design Principles. These principles (currently in beta stage) hope to redefine how all sectors approach development of new products, services, policies and initiatives – so that they equally benefit people of all ages, wherever possible. 

    Download latest IDP report

Our Intergenerational Design Principles are leading the field in the development of age-neutral and inclusive concepts, products and services. These are in development and we are looking for opportunities to further test these principles in live contexts and situations. Read more information and learn you can get involved. 

    Read more about our design principles here

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    Intergenerational Research Unit – Film

We gave 12 different people of varying ages a camera for a week to record their experiences of if and how age defines them.

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