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We use intergenerational design methods and work with industry experts.

We collaborate across all industry sectors to co-create new solutions to Age-old problems.

Let us know what Age-related challenges you are facing in your organisation. We are sure we can help.

The Bargehouse event

In October 2014 we created an event in London called "The Age of No Retirement". To rethink, rework and act. To challenge stereotypes and misperceptions. And to create a world that thinks beyond Age, and instead focuses on the value each person can bring according to their skills, wisdom, experience and desire.

350 people from 200 organisations participated in 27 debates across 7 themes over 2 days.

6 Themes & 27 Actions
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The event at the Bargehouse produced 43 hours of recorded debate, 8 kg of hand-written notes, and 8 hrs of video. It took the team 6 weeks to analyse and distil down all the information. In the end, 6 clear themes emerged with 27 actionable proposals. The 6 themes would later become the bedrock upon which The Age of No Retirement CIC was founded in March 2016, with the generous support of the National Lottery Community Fund. 

The Xtra10
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In October 2015 we collaborated with Barclays plc to gather a group of 23 large corporations to explore how businesses could benefit from the fact that people are living longer, healthier and more productively than ever before. In fact, people are living 10 years more than their grandparents or great grandparents. We call this the Xtra10. Over the course of a day we used service design methodologies to co-create some early-stage prototypes. 

In Common Research

In the summer of 2016, we conducted a big piece of research - surveying 2000 people aged 18-99 - to discover whether people have more in common across all ages than the generational stereotypes would have us believe. The results were staggering. Indeed, they are largely responsible for The Age of No Retirement's shift away from over-50 thinking and towards intergenerational action. Download the report and see for yourselves.

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How it all began...

If you are interested in how The Age of No Retirement began, download the very first newspaper we created. It is packed with inspiring quotes from the amazing people who backed us from the very beginning. Originally, The Age of No Retirement had a questionmark, but we dropped it as our confidence in what we were doing grew. We have certainly come a long way, but there remains so much still to do.

Since 2017, we have been working on an intergenerational service innovation called The Common Room. In March 2019 with the support of Peabody Trust and Openreach, we opened our first Common Room in Islington, N1. This was shortly followed by our second one in Leyton, E10 where we are partnered with the London Borough of Waltham Forest, MHCLG and DWP. The link below is to The Common Room's website. 

The toolkit for HR leaders
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If you are an HR leader interested in creating an age-inclusive culture and intergenerational workforce, then we can help. We have a kitbag full of useful and innovative ideas, gleaned from thousands of conversations with real people from all sectors, walks of life, ages and life stages. We do not profess to be experts in human resources or corporate culture, but we certainly know a thing or two about what people want from the work they do, the employers they work for and the life they want to live.

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