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No-one escapes a caring role somewhere in their life, so let's find ways to make it easier for all.

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If there was one thing we could invent to give more space and independence to the lives of the carer, and in so doing benefit the person being cared for, what would that be?

Title: Caring Across the Ages 
Challenge launch: 7 November 2016
Completed: 13 January 2016

Maybe you’ve been a carer and have a great solution you want to share? Or maybe you are a technology company with an idea you want to get feedback on from carers or people being carer for? Perhaps you are a designer with an innovation you want to develop with carers? Or maybe you just want to share your personal experience and what you have learnt from them? Please join us in this challenge and share your solutions with our community!

For a bit of inspiration we want to share two films with you. The first one is an intimate and powerful film of a mother and her daughter, who looks after her 24/7 after a serious brain injury 2 years ago. In our second film this same carer fantasises about how technology could make the situation she and her mum find themselves in more positive, purposeful and happier.

For this challenge, we are collaborating with AXA PPP and the best technology-led ideas will be put forward for consideration in AXA PPP Health Tech and Age Awards, 2017.

Login to our ideas lab, The Age of Action, to submit your idea or insight, tell your story, collaborate with others and get your idea turned into reality.

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The Age of Action Ideas Lab is The Age of No Retirement's crowdsourcing platform. The Ideas Lab is all about THE CHALLENGE, and mobilising the wisdom of the community to generate innovative high-impact ideas for the benefit of all society. Collectively the community then selects the best ideas and helps shape them into new products, services and processes.

How does it work?

Stage 1: Inspire
Contribute your best ideas to the community.

Stage 2: Collaborate
View other ideas and help develop them and get feedback on your ideas.

Stage 3: Evaluate
Review and evaluate the best ideas that the community has developed.

Stage 4: Selection
The winning idea is selected for further development and prototyping.

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A day with Val & Victoria Lee – hearing about their experience of care and wellbeing. Thank you for your time and inspiration. See more of our films on our Youtube channel.
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