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The Age of No Retirement in The Guardian

Read out contribution to The Guardian's series on ageing. This is a taster. In a world where it has become increasingly impossible to save enough for a work-free retirement, and where life expectancy is moving out beyond 80, people are needing to be far more resilient and self-sufficient than ever before. The narrow focussed, financial predominant save-for-retirement model is no longer fit for purpose. Pensions now are only part of the story, more of a contribution to later life than the sole supporter of it. A modern retirement, or ‘non-retirement’, is more likely to involve a combination of a paid job, self-employment, study, business startup and volunteering. The retirement of gardening, cruises, golf and grandkids is becoming more of a misrepresentative stereotype than a reflection of reality.


New Old at the Design Museum — Exhibition Catalogue

Read our essay in the book to support the NEW OLD exhibition which was at the Design Museum jn Jan / Feb 2017. This book explores the potential for new design to enhance the experience of later life in the future.

Having more older people in society gives designers a major innovation challenge. From robotic clothing to driverless cars, this book looks at design for identity, community, home, working and mobility as our population ages rapidly.

Leading designers/ design teams will face the challenge of design for ageing and addresses the stereotypes and stigmas around ageing and the changing representations of older people in media, branding and advertising.

You can buy the book here.

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Ageing Societies — The Economist

At The Age of No Retirement, we believe that living longer, fuller, more dynamic lives will bring enormous value to our society as a whole. We were delighted to have teamed up with The Economist and their Ageing Societies event in November to bring the debate to the business world. Together with 180 global leaders from business, finance and healthcare, and policymakers we explored the opportunities and challenges associated with living longer.

Some of the key takeaways:
— Sophie Schmitt from Soniosphere shared that there is no research or anecdotal evidence supports that designing for older people makes anything worse for anyone else. (See our Intergen Research)
— Isaac Hernandez from English National Ballet. Why is it so difficult to think about ageing when you are in your prime? This is accelerated for dancers and athletes because they are ‘retired so early in their life. (See our prototypes on transitions).
— Andrew Scott talking about the 100 year Life and that we need to change the structure of work or the wage and gender equity gaps due to longer living population will only get worse.
—Ageism and fear of ageing are pervasive. With the changing demographic structure all life is equally important, age does not matter, good design is good for everyone.

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