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Our Mission

Our goal is simple. To create a world where age does not matter.

In this turbulent time of deeply embedded divides and entrenched stereotypes, we are bringing together the collective wisdom and constructive participation of everyone - of all ages, from all cultures, and across all geographies - to redesign a new society for all generations.

From technology to health; from education to architecture; from work to leisure, we are embracing intergenerational collaboration and thinking – to create new products, new services, new campaigns, new mindsets, new rules and new behaviours.

The Age of No Retirement is a movement for intergenerational action and new opportunities for citizens, workers, businesses and communities of all ages – working together to challenge the narrative of division and difference and create a new age of unity and hope where our age, younger or older, does not matter

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The Story So Far

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The Age of No Retirement was inspired by Dr Jonathan Collie and Georgina Lee as a result of their collaboration on the Trading Times project. Trading Times is the award-winning social enterprise that connects skilled over 50s with local employers for the purposes of flexible, part-time paid work. Together, they realised that a bold innovative campaign was long overdue in breaking down age barriers and stereotypes in the workplace.

The inaugural Age of No Retirement event was held in October 2014 and attended by over 500 participants. George and Jonathan began the two day event with the simple question:

‘Is there a need for design-led thinking in the UK Age sector?’ 

Not only was this met by a deafening and unanimous 'YES’ but they quickly realised that the problem of ageism went far wider than just the employment sector. It was also deeper and far more entrenched than any of us might have imagined.

The new design-led approach of The Age of No Retirement has already enabled more than 1200 people, and 350 organisations, to collectively crowdsource prototypes and present challenges for exploration that continue to drive our age-positive movement forward.

In the two years since launching The Age of No Retirement, the team have have been met with enormous enthusiasm in response to their innovative design-led services from organisations across the UK. It's clear that people are crying out for collaborative, radical and agile change. Organisations like Barclays, Aviva, John Lewis Partnership, PwC are describing The Age of No Retirement as the ‘most inspiring and promising organisation they had come across in the Age space’.

'The Age of No Retirement conveys the message to all generations, not just the older ones, that we are moving to a new way of looking at how we live out our lives. We have opportunities to develop lifestyles in 'retirement' unknown and beyond belief to those living in the 19th and early 20th centuries'.

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